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M.E.01 Code of Silence

ARTIST : Ryoko Akama
RELEASE:25th January 2014
inc. postage

distributed by
P*dis (Japan)
Erstwhile Records (USA)

>LISTEN 01 jiwa jiwa
02 gussuri
03 sotto
04 jili jili
05 zowa zowa

recorded at university of huddersfield, IMA institute
all performed and edited by ryoko akama (electronics and objects)
designed by stephen harvey

total time 57:22 : 5 tracks

Code of silence is Ryoko Akama's new album after her last release, kise-tsu, in 2005. The album contains five tracks that explore Japanese phenomime and psycomime. Phenomime is Japanese words/phrases that mimic certain physical forms/motions whilst psycomime depict psychological states, emotions or feelings. They are the sounding word for no sounding phenomenon. Akama has created numerous pieces conceptualised by phenomime and psycomime. some are purely electronics and others are for other performers. This is an album which collects solo electronic pieces. gussuri (track02) is a phenomine that defines a state of 'sound asleep'. The 10 minutes piece conditions transformative experience in listening and not listening. Layers of sound wonder in and out of space. Silent parts are more predominant than sound performed that makes occurrence of sound more apparent. Performance and listening action of no-input mixer is used solely to realise this evolving piece.
Sotto (track 03) is a sound word for 'gradually' or 'quietly' and used when someone or something is discreet. It is contemplative, accumulative and expands listener's perception over time in a predictable manner. A listener succumbs to different levels of details in a quality of surface of tonal texture. A series of small intents cause intense listening environments. This intensified situation is a resultant of continuum simplicity where hidden density and timbre are unveiled.